Install a trowel component

The Trowel project is abandonned. Trowel core and the Trowel components are no more maintained or supported. More infos

Install Trowel


A Trowel component cannot be compiled without Trowel installed into your scss file. So you need first to install Trowel-core which is the scss algorithm making every Trowel component working.

You can download Trowel via command line with npm, yarn or bower as shown below.

# npm
npm install trowel-core --save

# yarn
yarn add trowel-core

# bower
bower install trowel-core --save

You can also download a ZIP clicking here.

Import the library

Once downloaded, import it at the top of your main scss file :

// main.scss
@import 'path/to/your/dependencies/trowel-core/src/trowel';

Install a Trowel Component

Trowel-core installed, we are now good to go and we can implement a Trowel Component.

Download the Trowel Component you want to use, and import it after trowel-core into your main scss file.

The download and the file to import depends on each library, but for the official FriendsOfTrowel components, it always respects the same pattern.

// main.scss
@import 'path/to/your/dependencies/trowel-core/src/trowel';

// the trowel component we want to use
@import 'path/to/your/dependencies/trowel-button/trowel-buttons/src/scss/buttons'