The Trowel project is abandonned. Trowel core and the Trowel components are no more maintained or supported. More infos

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As easy as Trowel is, it requires some basic knowledge on some very popular technologies and design patterns :

Advanced Sass features

Trowel is based on some key features of scss like variables, mixins, functions, map. Make sure to be comfortable with Sass before reading further.

Atomic design

Trowel is designed for a specific kind of methodology. It is a “component focus” framework, which means it is made to design visual component independently that you will then assemble into a web page. This methodology is well known as atomic design. We strongly recommend you to read this article written by Brad Frost the creator of the Atomic Design.


Trowel is also deeply based on BEM which is a methodology for naming css classes. Even if we can change the syntax of the classes generated with Trowel, the BEM philosophy will remain, which make it the last prerequisite required before playing with Trowel.